Restoration of  P. A. Starck Piano Company Player Piano, Ser. # 58157 (1916)

Piano has arrived at shop, and is waiting for caster replacement.

All casters will be replaced with double wheel ball bearing casters

Lower view of bottom unit, Left side

Lower view of bottom unit, Right side

Opened Up --- Let the work begin !

Piano Keys, Upper Unit and Piano Action Removed

Still need to remove control cover, control levers, and other linkages

Bass Strings Off - Will ship to Mapes for Duplication

Measuring String Diameter

Removing String Pressure Bar

Starting to remove tuning pins - Pins loose, so don't require  large drill !

All Strings & Pins now removed from Piano

Close-Up of Empty Pinblock

Serial Number of Piano

Makers Name and information

Cover removed from top of piano

Now the top edge of the plate, soundboard, pinblock, and post are visible

Piano plate now out of piano, as well as some of the lower trim removed for refinishing

Plate waiting to have wood pin bushings removed from plate

"BOSS" removing wood bushings from plate

Close-Up of bushing removal

Next page will cover the transplant of the delignite pinblock sections into this pianos pinblock

Work starts on that phase this week.

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