Berry-Wood Coin Piano

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This is a Coin Operated Electric Piano manufactured by Berry-Wood , which according to the previous owner, came from the old Ocean View Amusement Park in Norfolk, Va. That's where the roller coaster was located that was blown up in the mover "Roller Coaster".  She said that it was brought home by her father, after the park disposed of it from lack of use. I found that it was set up to accept a dime. Now that was a lot of money in 1929! The park had a pair of these pianos, and he had brought them both home. One was in the living room, the other in the parlor!  I purchased one, and she never consented to sell the other one.

The rear mounted music frame was missing from both pianos, and she has no idea if her father had stored them somewhere, or if there were discarded.  However, the tracker bar and original coin mechanism were in the bottom of the piano.

The piano is in generally good condition, but with lots of moth damage. You can see one piece of veneer missing on the right end.  It has never been touched as far as repairs or restoration.

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