Mr. Bill Vansant's Knabe
Ampico "A" Expression Piano

Here are four recordings of a restored Knabe Ampico "A", owned by Mr. Bill Vansant, and  restored in the shop of Pebworth's "Yesterday's Music", Chesapeake, VA

Three selections are Ampico rolls, and one is a Holey Rollers, transcribed by Douglas Henderson  of Artcraft Music from a Four Handed Arrangement by P. Hersh and D. Montgomery.  The Holey Rollers labels were issue by the Automatic Music Foundation

1: Wedding of the Winds
Ampico # 577366K
Coming Soon
2: O Sole Mio
Ampico # 56324F
3: Minuet Op.14, No.1, G Major
Ampico # 68283
4: Cleopatra Rag
Holey Rollers A101
Transcribed by Douglas Henderson (Artcraft Music)

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If you desire more information about this Knabe Ampico, or other Reproducing or Player Piano  Restorations,  please send me a email.


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