Al Pebworth's Steinway Duo-Art

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Concerto, Op.  16, A minor.  Composed by Edvard Grieg,
and Played by Percy Grainger.  Duo-Art  6475-6

You're The Cream In My Coffee - Written by Ray Henderson, with Lyrics by
Buddy G. DeSylva & Lew Brown. Played by Gene Kerwin.   Duo-Art  0591A

Turkish March. by Beethoven.    Played by Josef Hofmann.  Duo-Art  6327

Rose Marie -  Written by Rudolf Friml,  Played by Milne & Erlebach.   Duo-Art 713038

Polonaise, Op. 44, F Sharp Minor. Composed by Chopin,
and Played by Arthur Rubenstein.  Duo-Art  6505

Rhapsody In Blue, Written & Played by George Gershwin.
Duo-Art 7094 (Part 1) & Duo-Art 6878 (Part 2)

Ave Maria, composed by Charles Gounod, and Played by Rudolph Ganz. Duo-Art 6070

Limehouse Blues, written by Phillip Braham.  Duo-Art 19855
This is from "Andre Charlot's Review of 1924"

Beal Street Mama, written by Turk & Robinson, for the Movie, "Beal Street Mama"
of 1946. Played on this roll  by Cliff Hess.  It is a Duo-Art Roll, but with no further information.

Lustspiel Overture, Opus 73. Composed by Keler-Bala, and played by Henri Bergman
Duo-Art Roll 67009

Songs of Sunny Italy with the following selections:

1 - Funicili, Funicila;        2   -   Ciribiribin;
3  -  O, Sole mio;                4  -  Miria,  Miri;
5 - Vienesul mar;             6:  -  Margarita

Duo-Art Roll 64849, Played by Erno Rapee

Arabesque, Composed by Debussy and Played by Paquita Madriguere
Duo-Art 5808

Liebestrium (Dream of Love), Nocturne, No. 3, O Love
Composed by Liszt, and Played by Rudolph Ganz
Duo-Art 6081-4

 American Patrol  (March) Duo-Art  65418
Composed by Meacham and Played By Mills and Brooks